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PI ProcessBook: procbook.ini, config item: [startup] References=.  Has anyone used this successfully?

Question asked by rfletcPI on Mar 18, 2015
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My Company has a legacy PI ProcessBook application that has over 1,500 displays each with special VBA code.   There is a lot of common VBA code, which was put into a library display which is referenced by the 1,500+ displays like a DLL, OCX, or TLB would be referenced.  ( VBA /VBE  menu: Tools > References).


The reference to this library display in each display is hard set to the complete path and file name of the display.   I know how to programmatically change the reference, but need a logical reference so that the displays can be hosted on different servers for different environment without changing the references; just want to change the logical reference.


I see in procbook.ini a configuration item in [startup] section call "References="    I have tried to define known references for a new display, but ProcessBook will not startup.


Has anyone used the "References=" configuration item successfully?   If Yes, what did you have to defined for it to work?


Does anyone have a PI ProcessBook application that uses a Library Display?   If Yes, is the reference hard set or a logical?


Any Ideas other that what has been stated about how to make the reference logical or a link that can be easily changed?


(More Details in attached word document.)


Thank You

Roger Fletcher