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PI RDBMS interface collect value only at start-up after that it does not ?

Question asked by avinash.pise on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 19, 2015 by cramsey

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I am facing one problem in PI RDBMS interface.

I have configured one RDBMS interface for LIMS data base and when I start it will start collecting value and after that it does not collect the values in PI but Interface services are still running Following is configuration of Interface

Point Source : LIMS Scan classes 1 – 00:10:00,00:03:00 2 – 00:20:00,00:03:00 3 – 00:30:00,00:03:00 4 – 00:40:00,00:03:00 5 – 00:50:00,00:03:00

May be I am doubting on dependences services in that I am using two services





Please suggest Solution