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What AF SDK call results in the getarceventPoints RPC call?

Question asked by ee.ashley on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by ee.ashley

I have a relatively large piece of code that uses the AF SDK in many places to read and write data to PI.


Recently, I noticed that something in my code is generating long-running RPCs against the PI server. The RPC name in shown in PI SMT is piarss|1|getarceventPoints. Usually, I've seen the running times to be less than 1000 ms in SMT's thread details. However, with one use of my code, it is getting upwards of 200 seconds.


I've been running essentially the same code for other applications before without issues like this - the only changes are the core business logic. The main change to the business logic is the inclusion of filtered summary calls. However, there is another RPC I see pop-up that appears to be for filtered summaries (can't remember the name exactly, but has "filSum" in the name or similar).


This is with AF SDK 2.5. We are constrained to AF SDK 2.5 for the time being due to only having access to VS 2010.


I was just curious to know what exactly the getarceventPoints RPC call is, and if it might be able to help me narrow the culprit down in my code. I've placed a lot of logging throughout the code to try and pinpoint the slowdowns, but because the getarceventPoints RPC calls are hitting the PI server really hard, every other AF SDK call takes a long time anyway.