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How to create a AF Hierarchy from a Business Production Hierarchy in SQL Server.

Question asked by DaniDavaETC on Mar 19, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by dng

Dear PI Square Community,


We have the company production Data Warehouse based on SQL Server. Now, we want to replicate the master business production Hierarchy into AF Server to have AF as the official hierarchy for PI application development (Coresight, Processbook, PI WebParts, etc). As we have to develop a custom code to replicate the Data Warehouse hierarchy into AF, then we would be grateful if you can guide us selecting the best tools to do so. So far, we are thinking of having .NET calling the PIAF SDK libraries to do so but we are not sure. Thus, based on this could you please provide us the following:


1. What approach o you recommended to do so?

2. is there any documentation or tutorial about using PI AF SDK. If so, can you provide it to us.


Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


Thanks & Regards,


Daniel Davalillo

Chevron ETC