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AF SDK equivalent for piServer.PIGroups["GroupName"].PIUsers["username"];

Question asked by Arco on Mar 20, 2015
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Hi All,


I am trying to change a service I wrote against the PI SDK to use the AF SDK.

In PI I have a group with users in it. I want to check if a user is a member of this group.

With the PI SDK it works like this:


This throws an exception when the user is not a member of this group.

I have been looking for a AF SDK equivalent but no results till now.

With the AF SDK I tried the following:


PIIdentities identities = myPIServer.Identities;

PIIdentity identity = identities["GroupName"];


According to the AF SDK helpfile there should be a method GetUserMemberships on the PIIdentity to get all the users in the group but this method is not available.

How should I get to see the users that are in the group?


Kind regards,


Arco Stolk