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PI OPC DA Interface DCOM Windows Firewall Settings

Question asked by mchung on Mar 20, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by mchung

Hello all,


So, I set up a sandbox with PI OPC DA Interface installed on a separate node (Windows 2008 R2) from my IO Collector. As long as my Windows Firewall is off, I get data.


Turning on the Firewall, after opening up port 135, I can connect to the OPC PI Client tool, but I cannot get live data. I've tried a combination of opening different ports but always lose live data when turning the Windows Firewall back on.


The PI documentation on DCOM settings says the following:


DCOM relies on dynamically-assigned TCP ports. When an OPC client connects to an OPC server, it connects to port 135 (the RPC port mapper), which assigns one TCP port and one UDP port to the component. Communication between client and server is directed to those ports. Because of these limitations, it is difficult to configure DCOM to work through a conventional firewall .



So my question is, has anyone got Windows Firewall to play nice with DCOM? or do most of you guys just turn off the windows firewall?