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Unable to see PI Feature in SP2013 [Central Admin > Web Application > Manage Features]

Question asked by abdulhafiz on Mar 23, 2015
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I was trying to install PI Webpart in our Staging SP2013. When I try to activate PI Feature in Web Application Manage Feature (Central Admin), I cannot find the said feature.


I have tried in all 4 SP2013 Staging farm but result the same.


All farms consists of 2 WFE servers, 1 CA server and 2 DBs with failover clustering. As mentioned in the Guide, I need to run the installer in CA server.


I have tried to install PI Webpart in my VM as well, where SQL Server and SharePoint Server was installed in single farm, and I can see the PI Feature there. Is there any limitation in installing PI in multitier SP farm?