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OPC server disconnects for 2 minutes with PI-OPC client and after that everything is fine but due to this my Notification is resending the same alarm which was existing before

Question asked by Abdul Afeel on Mar 21, 2015
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My PI-OPC client is connected to OPC Server( GE-Cimplicity SCADA) which is in a different node(PC) and domain. But everything is working fine.Due to some data base maintenance action in SCADA node,The connection between OPC Server and OPC client fails for 2 minutes. This is not an issue for me. But due to this connection failure my PI Notification is re sending email notification for all the existing alarms which has already send before. So i need to know is there any settings to be done to avoid sending this notification after connection re-establishes.

PI-ICU Version is

PI-Server 2012