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SharePoint security token service column in PI Webparts Configuration giving error.

Question asked by abdulhafiz on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2015 by jyutraya

I was trying to configure PI WebParts Configuration in Central Administration site. All works well, until the last part where I need to identify server that use SharePoint security token service. It keep giving me error.




For your information, PI Services was installed in Central Administation server (VCENEPECMSTA02), which separated from WFE server (VCENEPECMSTA01). According to manual, this is the best practice when you have separate WFE and CA server.


Claims to Windows Token Service has been started in the said server (VCENEPECMSTA02) as well. Just to be sure, I have started C2WTS in WFE server as well, and even change the C2WTS App Pool ID to use Farm Account.






Really appreciate your assistance to troubleshoot this.