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PI Buffer Subsystem and Windows Cluster

Question asked by Bannikov on Mar 26, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2015 by Bannikov

Dear All!


I've such a problem. In past, Buffer Subsystem 3.4 worked on Windows Server with Windows Failover Cluster feature installed. Buffer Subsystem wasn't clustered itself, but his client was. As client I mean custom Windows service (let call it BV) which perform some calculations and feed results to PI Collective via Buffer Subsystem. To provide fautl tolerance to BV this service was clustered with help of Windows Failover Cluster feature.


Nowadays, digits swapping, and instead of Buffer Subsystem 3.4 we have version 4.3. Recently  I tried to use this very modern version in cluster environment. Please note, that Buffer Subsystem wasn't clustered itself - it only was runned on Windows Server with Windows Failover Cluster feature installed. At least I think so that it will. But it failed.


I've received answer from tech support - you can read it

145109 - PIbufss crashes at startup when run on a Windows cluster

Bt my question is - why the latest version of PIBUFSS doesn't support cluster environment while the old version support it? It isn't very fair, because I implicitly rely on support on base of my previous experience. And if my customer will upgrade to 4.3, my service will fail too.


I wonder if anyone faced similar problems.