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Hide PI Notification tags from tag search?

Question asked by Asle Frantzen Champion on Mar 27, 2015
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I'm assuming this is not possible but I promised my client I'd ask anyway.


Their operation center personnel regularly look up PI tags directly (instead of going through the AF hierarchy), because they have the names readily available in big screen monitors showing transmission line diagrams. After the introduction of PI Notifications they are "annoyed" by all the notification tags showing up in the tag search dialog. They probably use the tag search as a tag browser, i.e. just search for * to get everything and then scroll down to their tags of interest. And with the increasing number of notifications in use they have to scroll past 15-20,000 tags before coming to "their" tags.


Is there any way we could exclude these tags from the normal tag search dialog, while searching for all tags? The notification tags have point source = "PINotifications-InternalUse". Is there anything we could do there, to exclude those from the search? Maybe compile a list of all point sources except that one, and put that new string in as the default text in the point source seach field?