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FilteredSummaries SummaryDuration with daylight saving time issue

Question asked by Oysteinb on Mar 30, 2015
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I have a digital point that I set to True at 29.03.2015 23:55:00 UTC time. In PI System Management Tool I see this value as which is correct to my timezone since here in norway we changed to "summertime" on the 29th of March:

This is all values for mypoint.

False01.01.2015 01:00:00FalseFalseFalse
True22.03.2015 03:00:00FalseFalseFalse
True22.03.2015 11:00:00FalseFalseFalse
False22.03.2015 15:00:00FalseFalseFalse
True30.03.2015 01:55:00FalseFalseFalse

I have a filtered summary on this point to count how many times it is true within a range (last 14 days)

This is test code I have written:


   var endTime = new AFTime(DateTime.SpecifyKind(new DateTime(2015, 3, 30), DateTimeKind.Utc));
   var startTime = new AFTime(endTime.UtcTime.AddDays(-14));

   var point = PIPoint.FindPIPoint(server, "mypoint");
   const string expression = "'mypoint' = \"True\"";

   var afStartTime = new AFTime(startTime);
   var afEndTime = new AFTime(endTime);
   var range = new AFTimeRange(afStartTime, afEndTime);  
   var result = point.FilteredSummaries(
                new AFTimeSpan(days: 1),
                new AFTimeSpan(seconds: 1),


The problem is that in the resultset I have 14 entries, but all of them are shown as 01:00. I would like them to be grouped by UTC time not localtime. But the main issue is that it is missing the activation on the 29.03.2015 23:55:00.

I suspect that filteredsummaries is grouping the resultset by my localtime and not utc. Is there a way to get the result that I want? Or is this a bug?