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    How to set configuration attribute value using PI web API




      I trying to work out how to set the value of a configuration item attribute from a C# client using the PI web API.


      I can successfully set the value for an attribute which has a PI Point data reference using this code:


      var client = new HttpClient(...) //more stuff to initalize http client
      var webId = "theActualWebId";
      HttpContent cont = new StringContent("{ \"Timestamp\":\"*\", \"Value\":1500 }", Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");
      var request = string.Format(@"streams/{0}/value", webId );
      var response = client.PostAsync(request, cont).Result;


      But when I use the same code for setting a configuration attribute value the HttpResponseMessage.IsSuccessStatusCode will be false, and the .ReasonPhrase property will be "Conflict".

      I've also tried changing the two last lines of code to:


      var request = string.Format(@"attributes/{0}/value", webId );
      var response = client.PutAsync(request, cont).Result;


      but the reponse is the same.


      The actual value of the configuration attribute is 500 with the timestamp "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z".


      Is there an obvious reason why this is failing that I'm not getting?

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          Eugene Lee



          Try removing the timestamp part of the code since it doesn't accept the timestamp parameter. I have tested without it and it works.

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            Hi Sigmund,


            If you are trying to set the value of a configuration attribute that has no data reference, use the PUT method with attributes/{WebId}/value as you have specified in your 2nd example. The POST method for streams is used for attributes with a data reference or non-configuration item attributes.


            Are you getting a HTTP response code of 409 (Conflict)? Usually, this means the request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the resource. Some troubleshooting steps that you can consider:

            • Can you check the response body to see if there is any additional information?
            • Does this issue happen to multiple attributes or only a specific attribute?
            • Can you access the current value of the same attribute using https://{PI Web API server name}/piwebapi/attributes/{WebId}/value? Let's make sure the WebId is valid.
            • Have you tried using any other tools to write to the same attribute? Some example include REST clients or PowerShell.

            A sample powershell script that you can use for testing:


            $method = "PUT"
            $uri = "https://{PI Web API server name}/piwebapi/attributes/{WebId}/value"
            $contenttype = "application/json"
            $body = @"
              "Value": 25.0,
            Invoke-RestMethod -Method $method -Uri $uri -UseDefaultCredentials -Body $body -ContentType $contenttype
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              Mike Zboray

              You can inspect the response's Content as well, it should have more information on the cause of the error.


              I would look at the attribute/element in PI System Explorer. Is the element checked out to someone else? If it is, you will not be able to change the value for the attribute since changing a configuration item requires a checkout of the element.


              I tried this and received a Conflict response code in this situation.


              You can't set the value timestamp of non-data reference attributes that are typically used as configuration items. The value's timestamp is the element version's effective time.

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                Thanks for all your helpful response!. After working on a different issue for a while I've finally had a chance to have a look at the various suggestions. I got it working in the end, but I'm pretty sure the final solution is euqal (in code) to stuff that I've already tried before, so I guess there must have been som conflict related to the element/attribute. (Either that or possibly I didn't try the PUT + no timetimestamp in request body combination).


                I've marked Mikes answer as the correct, as I assume that his post was most related to the actual problem.


                Now I have a different issue (on a very similar subject), but I'll post that as a new thread...


                For anyone wondering, here is the code I used in the end:


                HttpContent requestBody = new StringContent("{ \"Value\":" + value + " }", Encoding.UTF8, "application/json");

                var request = string.Format(@"attributes/{0}/value", attributeWebId);

                var response = _piClient.PutAsync(request, requestBody).Result;