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How to set the time window accurately in ProcBook when creating animation

Question asked by Wepeng Yu on Apr 7, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by Wepeng Yu


I have an event monitor which saves lots of values into PI.

For example, there are 11,350 values within 3 seconds( from 3/18/2015 12:09:57.46085  to 3/18/2015 12:09:59.18276)

I need to create an animation to display this event. However, when I try to set the scroll options, I found that I can not set the Start and End time accurately.

As shown blow, it allows me set the value of date, hour, minute, without second.

If I set the refresh speed as 5 milliseconds/second, then I will wait a long time before the data shows.


I also tried to set the start time using "PI Time", but it seems doesn't work too.


So, what should I do to set the start time accurately ?