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Custom webpart connection to PI Treeview Webpart

Question asked by neilg on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Asle Frantzen

Hi All,


I have a custom web part which connects to the PI Treeview webpart. This was working with the previous version of PI Treeview installed on WSS 3.0. We implemented the 'IParametersOutConsumer' interface in our custom webpart to connect to the PI Treeview.


We are building a new Sharepoint Foundation 2013 environment with PI Webparts 2013 SP2. I can see that the interface 'IParametersOutConsumer' is obsolete in Sharepoint and the recommendation is to implement the 'IWebPartParameters' interface.


Is there any article which describes how to connect PI Webparts 2013 SP2 Treeview to a custom webpart which implements the 'IWebPartParameters' interface? Are we still able to use the 'IParametersOutConsumer' interface against PI Webparts 2013 SP2 Treeview?


Thanks for any pointers,