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Unable to open Failover Control File

Question asked by kwos on Apr 8, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by kwos

Hi everyone,

I have some problems with OPCInt UFO - Failover.

I have 5 OPCInt's installed on two machines (OPC Client Main and OPC Client reserve). On different machine I have OPC server. Normally everything is working properly - there is no data loss. Since I have run failover on this interfaces i realize that there is a problem with sync files. In log I get info:



OPCpi> 16> WARNING> Failover Warning: Errror = 71

Unable to open Failover Control File '\\\SharedFiles2\OPCInt_O_78.dat'




OPCpi> 16> INFO> the interface successfully opened the failover sync file.



There is many identical entries for all 5 OPCInt's and it happens many times per hour.


Sync files are stored on different machine in the same network.


To conclude:

Interfaces are installed on two separate machines, opc server is different machine, sync files are located on different machine.

Same network, workgroup and user accounts. Data is collecting properly - no losses.

OPCInt version:

Uniint version:

Windows XP on all machines.

Sync files located on windows shares, public with 'everyone' full access. Different shares for different interfaces.


Where is the problem?

What does error 71 mean?