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PI RDBMS interface, PI data transfers on first run but not second run

Question asked by dlawless on Apr 10, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2015 by cramsey

Sending PI data to SQL tables works fine but after the DBA set tag and timestamp columns as the primary key the tables lock up on the INSERT statement process when the interface runs the next time.  Should I change the INSERT to UPDATE??


Current Output tag config in ExDesc for all Database tags


/SQL="INSERT INTO [Db_Instance].[dbo].[Db_Flow] ([TagName], [Timestamp], [Value], [Status]) VALUES (?,?,?,?);" P1='A tag name'/AT.TAG P2='A tag name'/TS P3='A tag name'/VL P4='A tag name'/SS_I


Can I change this to also only send one value for every 5 minutes or remove all entries for a given tag except for the most current?