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Type mismatch when calling InterpolatedValues over COM using JACOB

Question asked by Jseph on Apr 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by gregor

I have established a connection to my PI server using COM objects from the PI SDK.  I am programming in Java, and using JACOB as my COM bridge. 

Using this approach I can query the current value of a tag, but when I try to call InterpolatedValues or RecordedValues, I get a type mismatch exception.

I am very new to the COM infrastructure, so I imagine I am doing something wrong trying to interface with the SDK.


I understand you would prefer I use the java driver that was developed to access PI directly, but given our managed environment, that would be

very challenging to set up.  Especially since I would like to distribute this solution when I am finished with it.  I really want to get this working

using the SDK.