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How to retrieve a full asset tree using PI Web API

Question asked by dpilc on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by pthivierge

I would like to retrieve a tree of assets from AF to my application. The app is written in Java/Scala so I cannot use AF SDK directly. So my best bet was to achieve this goal using PI Web API service.

The tree itself is quite large and, by all means, I would like to avoid making thousands of costly http requests.

I'm able to get all the elements in just a few calls by specifying template names these elements are assigned to. But I am stuck with retrieving attributes for those elements. I do not want to do this by getting attributes for each element separately (again, too many requests and it would take ages to process). So my question is: is it possible to search for attributes by name (say, I want to get all attributes named Attribute1, no matter which elements they belong to) and retrieve them in a single batch? The question concerns PI Web API, obviously.