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Generating PI Coresight displays with tables on the fly

Question asked by Nocodes79 Champion on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Nocodes79

Hello everyone,


we are studying the possibility of generating Coresight display (not just simple ad-hoc trends) on the fly.


The idea would be following:

  1. querying AF to get a list of the attributes we want to show (through JDBC\ PI WebAPI)
  2. generating a display in Coresight with a table showing all attributes' information
  3. showing the display to user
  4. on close, remove the display from the Coresight site


Apart from using 3rd party component to show the table, I think the only possibility would be generating the Coresight display directly using the SQL DB behind Coresight, but it would need reverse engineering the DB and it would be not supported nor recommended by OSISoft.

Does anyone have experience about this kind disply generation with Coresight?


Does anyone have any other idea about how to create the displays programatically?


Thank you in advance.