Configuring Calculations with PI ACE Online Course starts Monday April 20th, 2015!

Discussion created by kholstein Employee on Apr 16, 2015

Have you ever wanted to perform heat and material balances, data reconciliation, real time cost accounting and batch summaries, or create calculations to aggregate metrics? If so, then PI Advanced Computing Engine (PI ACE) may be for you. PI ACE provides an environment for developers - novice to professional - to create calculations using data from the PI System.

Want to learn more about PI ACE? The our newest online courses, Configuring Calculations with PI ACE, debuts this coming Monday April 20th, 2015! This course explores the PI Advanced Computing Engine (PI ACE) and covers how to configure and run sophisticated analytics on your PI data using programmatic calculations.


Specifically in this online course, you will learn how to create, deploy and manage PI ACE calculations. This course leverages the power of PI Asset Framework (PI AF) and teaches you how to use PI AF attributes in PI ACE calculations. Additionally, the course goes into how to reuse the same calculation for similar PI AF assets via element relative PI ACE calculations. Finally, this course covers how to set up load balancing and high availability for PI ACE calculations.


Did you know that PI ACE can also be used to integrate with third party systems including data transfer and alarming and for just about any application that does not require user intervention? Learn more in this online course!


The course lasts 3 weeks and comprises instructional video lectures; self-serve exercises to reinforce key concepts; discussion forums for you to interact with your peers at other enterprises, post questions, answer questions posted by others, and earn rewards for your participation; and a final project.


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