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Failed to use substitution to specify the tag name for an attribute of element

Question asked by Wepeng Yu on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Wepeng Yu

I need to add an attribute to an element and associate the attribute to a PI point, whose tag name should be  "Loudoun.PTR.TX4.EMS/%Attribute% "

I tried to do this using substitution, but it seems substitution does not work for attribute of Element (not Template). As shown below:


I specified "Data Reference" to "PI Point", and specified the substitution as "Loudoun.PTR.TX4.EMS/%Attribute% "

Then Click "OK", it seems work.

But, if I change the name of the attribute, check in and refresh, the tag name does not change.

When I opened the "Settings.." dialog again, it seems the substitution expression was replaced by the value

And I also tried to specify the substitution expression directly, and it does not work too.

It seems AF does not allow to use substitution expression to specify tag name for an attribute of Element. I'm not sure if I'm right.