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Any PISDK alternative to TimedValues method to get 'Exact time' values?

Question asked by Steve.Buckley on Apr 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2015 by asorokina

I was excited to learn I could pass a PIValues collection as my source of timestamps into the TimedValues method, as in


tag2PIValuesCollection = tag2PIPoint.Data.TimedValues(tag1PIValuesCollection).


But then I was disappointed to find that the TimedValues method, unlike its Excel DataLink cousin, does not appear to have a switch to set the search as ExactTime, but rather is always Interpolated?!?


In my use case, I have a dozen or so Lab tags, and need to examine each of them to confirm that it has matching values timestamp-by-timestamp when compared to the 'master tag' of the set i.e. I am looking for extra or missing data points: each tag in the set should have the exact same timestamps over a given range. Because of that, Interpolated will not work.


Have I missed finding the 'switch' to set the TimedValues search to be ExactTime? If not, is there an alternative method to accomplish this short of some kind of point-by-point traversal of all the timestamps after using <tag>.Data.RecordedValues(startTime, endTime) for each tag?