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    Using symbols or control


      Dear all,


      In the below coding(pic 1), I can use Symbol to control dynmic item(rectangle)s to fill the colour I want.

      But If I want to use item as "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Image" in pdi, how can I using dynmic method on it? I want to change the image to depend on the status.





      Pic 1



      Pic 2






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          Eugene Lee

          Hi Simon,


          The image item is a different class from PB symbols. So you can do this:


          Image1.BackColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)


          Where Image1 is the name of the Image item . My example will set it to Red.

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              Thanks Eugene.


              May be I give more information what I wanted.


              I had done a program to change rectangle colour(red, green,yellow) depend on the pi tag's value. In the coding, I used symbols with dynmic control (item name A1, A2..... input to the funcation, one function can control all item(rectangle fill with colour))


              But now, our designer want to change using Picutre replace rectangle. Any help on coding where I want change the picture link on the "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Image's control" or Garphic? Symbols seem not work.


              I want as below:


              Write a function : Function change_pic(string item)



              change_pic(A1, pic1)


              result:      image of A1 will display pic1


              change_pic(C1, pic3)

              result :     image of C1 will display pic3




              Any one can help me? I don't want one pic with their own coding.




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                  Eugene Lee

                  It seems that the PB display doesn't expose these specific form controls as a collection so there is no equivalent of Symbols in that case. What you could do is perhaps an IF statement like


                  Sub change_pic(container As String, picture As String)

                  If container = "Image1" Then

                  Image1.picture = LoadPicture(picture)

                  End If


                  you can then call this like


                  change_pic "Image1", "C:\Users\eugene\Desktop\test.bmp"

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                    Hello Paul,


                    Does Eugene's last answer enable you to do what your designer asked for?

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                        Thanks Eugene and Gregor for reply.


                        I have passed the answer to our designer. In the past few weeks we have concentrated on

                        business logic issues and pending in working on interface. Sorry for that.


                        I have marked Eugene's reply as correct answer. This question can also be closed. Thanks a lot!