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Edit a mapping using piconfig

Question asked by javiernl on Apr 27, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2015 by javiernl

Hi Everybody,



I'm trying to change the identity of a mapping with piconfig.




I have tried with this instrution but it is not working:
* (Ed - PIIDENTMAP) PIconfig> @istr IdentMap,PrincipalDisp,PIIdent

* (Ed - PIIDENTMAP) PIconfig> XXX\jnl1, XXX, piadmin  



where XXX is the domain name.



and the error:


*>XXX\jnl1, XXX, piadmin
*PIconfig Err> Error reading record from table... Rec: <XXX\jnl1>
*PIconfig Err> !! Error count exceeds maximum...!
*XXX\jnl1, XXX, piadmin
*[-12001] Name Not Found in PInt


I'd like to know what the problem is because I've tried several configurations and none is working. If the problem is the IdentMap parameter I don´t know which is the name of the PI mapping:


Please, could you help me?


Thanks in advance.