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    Where to look for the msg that will be generated by LogPIACEMessage()?


      Hi All,


      I have two questions as below:


      1)  I'm doing some calculations using PIACE Wizard and using function LogPIACEMessage() to log a warning in log file.Code is as below:




      (PreviousDayValues.Count <= 96)




      LogPIACEMessage(mlWarnings, "Value Count for tag is less than 96 ", Me.Name)


      End If


      In ACE Manager->Context->Warning is checked.

      Pi message subsystem service is started in services.msc


      I was looking in PIPC\adm\pigetmsg -f for continuos logs.

      But not able to find the "warning:Value Count for tag is less than 96 ."


      2) If Ace Schedular has not run at specified timefor some scheduled task, may I get the notification mail to my mail ID? If yes, how?




      Please advice.

      Thanks in advance!