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PIPoint.RecordedValues ignores AFBoundaryType in Visual Studio debug mode

Question asked by PetterBrodin on May 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by PetterBrodin

This is a super specific question, but I've noticed something that I hope someone else can try to reproduce in order to see if I'm the only one who experiences this.


The RecordedValues method on PIPoint and PIPointList takes a parameter called boundaryType, which is of the enum type AFBoundaryType. The AFBoundaryType can have three different values:


Member nameValueDescription
Inside0Specifies to return the recorded values on the inside of the requested time range as the first and last values.
Outside1Specifies to return the recorded values on the outside of the requested time range as the first and last values.
Interpolated2Specifies to create an interpolated value at the end points of the requested time range if a recorded value does not exist at that time.


When building and deploying a project in Visual Studio 2013, the method seems to respect the boundaryType parameter. However, when running the project with the debugger attached (F5/Debug -> Start debugging), the result from RecordedValues seems to be from a query running with boundaryType set to Inside regardless of what's actually set in the method call. If I query a narrow time period with no records inside and the boundaryType set to Interpolated, I still get no values back from the method when running in debug, while I get the interpolated values when running the exact same code without the debugger.


Is anyone else able to replicate this? Is there some kind of debug-specific code in the AF SDK?