Lonnie Bowling

Thoughts on Data Visualization and Dashboard Design?

Discussion created by Lonnie Bowling Champion on May 6, 2015

Hi Everyone,


I have been giving a lot of thought and study to data visualization and specifically dashboard design. I gave a presentation at TechCon and was wondering what other's thoughts are on the subject. You can see my presentation here: 2015 - Users Conference - San Francisco


I am considering expanding on the subject and doing more of these videos on my youtube channel. I'm curious if others find this type of information useful, or is it a little too "academic", in other words, it is not really helping me get my job done at work and making me look good! Anyway, any feedback, suggestions, or ideas would be hugely appreciated!


BTW, if you didn't make the UC or TechCon this year, try to get there if you have the chance, next year or beyond. There is not a single better event to attend if PI is, in anyway, associated with your career!