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Performance counter for snapshot values

Question asked by 3@lOn_poWerNussn on May 7, 2015
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PI- community,


as mentioned in the title I have a question about the snapshot values. A short time ago we had a problem
with the snapshot subsystem -> it crashed, and we did not recognize it
at the first time. This problem also effected the calculation of the PE. The PE
stops calculation at the same time when the snapshot subsystem was crashed.  After
a long error search we noticed that the value of the parameter
"Pending Count" was raised to a extreme huge value.

The consequence, to solve the problem, was a restart of the snapshot subsystem.


My question is:

Is there a possibility to setthe performance counter for the snapshots, specific the "Pending
Count" parameter? For the future we want a message if the "Pending Count" value rises up and passes a huge value.


For a better understanding I made a screenshot and marked
the relevant variables -> see the attachment

The screenshot was taken from the SMT- Operation - Update Manager.


Thanks a lot for any ideas