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Configure INI File Form, with two data sources

Question asked by Tobias_Schneider on May 7, 2015
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i was just reading throuhg the Manual for PI-EMDVB Interface and found an interesting part:

Configure INI File Form, where it says it is possible to define two sources of *.evt for the Interface. I was asking myself if it is possible to use this together with the redundancy of Batch servers.

If i define two data sources, one(source1) links to the primary batch-server and the second one (source2) to the secondary batch-server. In case one batch server stops generating the *.evt-file (source1) would the interface still be able to handle the import of batch-data to the PI-System?!

There must be an option to define a dominant data source in order to organize the two sources in case both batch servers are running fine.

Wouldn´t that be a nice feature?!