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No value coming

Question asked by BirajdarSupriya on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by aseck

Hi All,

In my calculations I'm taking all previous day values (previous day mid night to today mid night) of input tag in a array called PreviousDayValues, using Values function.


PreviousDayValues = Input_tag.Values("y", "t", 0)


Noe I want to calculate how many bad inputs are present in all those previousDayValues.

For testing I had put 'Bad Input' as values of input tag ,with previous day timestamp.


And calculating number of bad inputs with counter:

For counter = 1 To (PreviousDayValues.Count)

                     If PreviousDayValues(counter).Value.ToString.Equals("Bad Input") Then

                        BadInputCount = BadInputCount + 1

                        End If


                    msgbox("no bad input ")

Exit For


Now I'm getting system com error.

I think line PreviousDayValues(counter).Value.ToString.Equals("Bad Input") is not comparing the actual "Bad Input" present in input tag as value and string "Bad Input".

If I'm not wrong , funtion 'Values' used in code line  Input_tag.Values("y", "t", 0) , taking all values of input tag along with timestamp, then

why the comparision ' PreviousDayValues(counter).Value.ToString.Equals("Bad Input")' is not accepting the value?


Help will be very much appriciated!