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PI Application for Batch Reporting

Question asked by cccuerdo on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2018 by lpeysakhovich

Hello PI experts,


Besides MS Excel + Datalink and Processbook, are there any PI applications that can be appropriately used for Batch Reporting?

The concern for using Excel is its availability for Manual Intervention (Editing / Data Manipulation / etc).

Usually Batch Reports are very sensitive especially they undergo VALIDATION.


Can someone suggest a facility that can cater the displaying of basic information like:

- Batch Event filtered by Batch ID / Start Time / End Time / Recipe

- Display Process Values (per minute interval)

- Display Critical Alarms

- Display Batch Gantt Chart

- Date Printed

- Shows Page No.


Something similar with a report created by a Crystal Report.

It should be programmatically rendered to PDF or already pre-rendered by the application or can be done in a scheduled rendering.


Thanks in advance.