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What function does Sharepoint/ProcessBook use to retrieve AF values?

Question asked by jstuder07 on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by jstuder07

I have created a custom AF Plugin that seems to work on many
client types (System Explorer, Notifications, Coresight2014),  but not Sharepoint 2010 & ProcessBook. The
plugin inherits the Formula DLL, but overrides the GetValue() function to
either return a value of “N/A” if certain conditions are met, or perform the
normal base.GetValue() function for the formula data reference. I am finding
that the attributes are correctly displaying “N/A” for System Explorer,
Notifications, and Coresight 2014. However, it looks like Sharepoint is
ignoring the custom logic and returning what would be evaluated by the normal
formula functionality. The Sharepoint Webpart displays are SVG files created
via ProcessBook. Is Sharepoint using a different function call than GetValue()
that I need to override?


Thanks in advance.