Did something change in CSV exports from ProcessBook?

Discussion created by jimzdat on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by ldieffenbach

We recently upgraded to ProcessBook 2014, and are now seeing a strange problem - we use a large number of displays, and we utilize the status report function to export the Tag info to a CSV file; which is then used via Excel to get us tag names and paths that are used in a different software program.


Before upgrading, we could simply open the CSV file in Excel, and everything would automagically align itself in columns (type, timestamp, symbol, tag). After upgrading, we are now having an issue with Excel recognizing the data - it opens up Excel's "Text Import Wizard", and has identified the data as "Fixed Width", not delimited.

If we select the "Delimited" option, and then in Step 2 select "Comma"; the file then opens just fine - but we are befuddled as to why this happened immediately after upgrading ProcessBook? Did something change in the manner that it saves the file? Is it setting some sort of attribute differently, and our systems aren't recognizing it? Have we lost our cumulative minds?