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Element Path Alias via PB ERD display

Question asked by JFors on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by JFors

Our project is using fully redundant PI Servers(HA) and interfaces.  The Health Monitoring of the PI system utilizing Performance Monitor tags is requiring that we be able to build PB displays in a multicolumn format.  In right column will be the graphical display of PerfMon values for the Primary Object( interface, PiServer, AFElement/Template driven), in the left column will be the same attributes for the Backup/secondary object.  Now make the display Element Relative where you select the primary object as the current context and both columns update with the associated data where the backup column resolves what is the backup object for the selected primary object.


I'm using PB 2014 version  I'm looking for a reliable generalized answer for this display format and any suggestions would be appreciated.


Solution Experiment 1:

The concept is of an alias element path.  Where an object (AFelement) can be reference by its role similar to an attribute being an alias for a tag. 

I've seen(via PI system Explorer) that AFAttributes can have a datatype= AFElement.  If I have an attribute named Backup, datatype AFElement with a DataReference that returns an element, would ProcessBook handle a ER path with syntax looking like:    E.Backup|AttributeofInterest

The custom data reference could resolve the AFElement representing the Backup roled object.


The concept of Element Path Aliasing (role based element resolution)  would be a feature that I believe would be of great value but would like to hear if anybody has tried this or other methods to have a Process Book Element Relative Display with attributes of both Primary/Backup displayed.