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PItoPI interface

Question asked by Nishanth on May 20, 2015
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Hello Everyone,


I am trying to install in PItoPI interface in Windows 2012 server. As per the standsards i need to install the PItoPI in another drive other than C: Drive.


I am installing a PItoPI interface version , when i try to install this i am able to install the PI SDK x86 in drive:\APPS\PIPS(x86) after completing this PISDK 64 is installing in different folder as per the standards in need to install this in Drive:\APPS\PIPC folder, but while installation i am unable to change the Desitination folder too by default it is directiong to another folders like Drive:\APPS\ and Drive:\DATA and C:\APPS\PIPC in my case this should not happen the PISDK 64 needs to be installed in Drive:\APPS\PIPC.


I tried to edit the path in C:\Windows\PIPC.INI but the PISDK64 is not getting installed in Drive:\APPS\PIPC .


Can one please suggest what should i do to sort this issue.


I tired multiple time un-installing and installing the PItoPI but no luck.

I followed the installation procedure as.


PI Pre-Requisites standalone2.0.0.10.

PI Pre-Requisities-Patch 2.1.1.

PI Interface