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Interface Failover Issue

Question asked by Nishanth on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 28, 2015 by rkathiresan

Hello Every one,


I am having an issue with the PItoPI interfaces. Here are the behaiour of those PItoPI.


When i start the interface in Primary interface node the values will update in Primary Server . The values will not update in Secondary.
When i start the Interface in Secondary Interface Node the values will not update in Primary and Seocndary server ,other than three scan frequency classes.
When i start that the Interface in Secondary Interface Node  the interface is continuously doing History recovery for the tags in the Secondary server.

I didnt find any suspisious logs in the Server.

The history recovery in the secondary pi Server is taking much time as expected due to this the values are not updating in the pi servers.

When i start the primary interface the values should update both in primary and secondary , but in my case it is not happening the values are not updating in secondary pi server.

Note: Their were around 15 Interfaces configured in the interface servers, i am facing issue only with one point source (Interface).


Can anyone please suggest me what might be the other possible reaosn, their we no buffer problem, connectivity problem.