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    Example PI DataLink Report


      Here's an example PI DataLink report that I've used to give folks a jumpstart on what their report could look like.  It's not meant to be a complete demo, but rather a quick show of some basic functionality.

      • Updates with a new day's data, just by opening it up
      • Easily change parameters like time intervals to get a top of the hour report
      • See values for different tags just by updating a reference cell
      • Integrate with familiar Excel functions and features, such as concatenations and conditional formatting


      The tag-based version is attached as an xlsx and was made with PI DataLink 2014 and Excel 2013.  The Excel version matters for those of you on older versions because sparklines became available starting in Excel 2010.

      1. The Drop Down lists tab contains instructions on how to customize this report.
        • The sample tags are all default tags created with every PI Server, so you should be able to see these too.
      2. Excel allows you to make drop-down lists.  Click on any of the tag names and you'll see a drop down list of options to drive your report.


      • What do you think?  Is this useful? (aka If you like these, I'll post more)
        • What would be your interest in a PI AF version (screen shot attached) as well?
        • How about an event frame version (also attached in screen shot)?


      Let me know in the comments below!


      tag-based screenshot.PNG

      AF report screenshot.PNG

      Complete EF.PNG