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    Question regarding training courses.



      I am aware of the Online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in regard to training offered on the PI System. However I would also like to know, if OSI Soft offers any real time classroom courses on PI. We are located in India, so I am interested to know if there is any such facility available in India or in general, the Asia-Pacific region. Thank you.

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          Eugene Lee

          Hi Karthikeya,


          Unfortunately, the nearest learning center to India is Bahrain. You can have a look at the link below for more information. All the training centers are listed  there.


          Learning Site

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            If you're looking to attend an in-person class, then Eugene is correct; the closest training center to you would be Bahrain. However, I wanted to make sure you know about all of our online learning resources.

            1. As you mentioned, there is the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), a fully functional PI System running in our Microsoft Azure cloud, where you follow an instruction manual to complete a lab at your pace or just open a VM and play around with the PI System.
            2. We also have Small Private Online Courses hosted within the Master PI space here on the community. These courses use video lectures as instruction, but also have a course facilitator assigned so you have a real instructor to go to if you have any questions. You complete hands-on exercises using your PI System and submit a final project to your OSIsoft instructor for feedback.
            3. Finally, there's our YouTube Learning Channel which has standalone videos to focus on specific learning objectives, or playlists which group videos together so you can learn more on the same topics and products.


            I hope this will help you find the training that is right for you!

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