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How to logout from CoreSight when using Windows Integrated Security?

Question asked by Roger Palmen on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by mchung

Hi All,


We use CoreSight on Windows Integrated Security.I am wondering how i can logout from CoreSight. Of course there is no need to have a logout button in CoreSight, and the question is more related to the browser and WIS than to CoreSight.


Let's explain the situations first:

  • Situation 1: If i access CoreSight from a computer in the domain (and the browser settings are correct), the logged-on user's identity is used to logon. No questions asked.
  • Situation 2: if i access CoreSight from a computer outside of the domain (e.g. over the internet) then a popup appears where the browser asks to enter the user credentials.


Now my questions:

  • In situation 1, how could i logon using a different user account? Is that at all possible?
  • In situation 2, the credentials are kept for quite some time. It can take 2/3 days before i am asked again to enter my credentials. How can i switch to a different account in this case? How to remove the (cached?) user credentials?


I think this is related how windows and/or browsers retain user credentials, or IIS keeps sessions or Kerberos tickets. But i'm out of my knowledge zone here...