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Question asked by TimCarmichael Champion on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by pthivierge

Before I embark on a epic journey, I'd like to ask the community for help/guidance.


Does anyone have a system for tracking tag dependencies? That can be PI-to-PI or source tags for PE tags.

Today, an issue arose where a PI-to-PI tag was found to have a value of 'Scan Off'; the tag is sourced from another system where it is in turn sourced from yet another system via PI-to-PI.

So, 'retiring' a tag on system 'C' resuts in a value of 'Scan Off' on system 'A'.

Since there are many PI systems involved, simply doing a periodic scan is overly time consuming.


I am considering writing a application that does the following:

     for each PI system

          connect to the module database

          get a list of interfaces

          for each PI to PI interface

               find the source and destination systems

               for each PI tag pair (source and destination tag)

                    check the current value and timestamp

                    if either tag is invalid

                         send an e-mail to the support group identifying the issue

                    if either tag is 'Scan Off'

                         send an e-mail to the support group identifying the issue

                    if both tags are valid

                         add a record to a DB identifying the source/destination system and tags


Then, make a searchable interface to the DB to allow administrators to find tags that have upstream/downstream dependencies on a given tag.


If you think this can be done using AF as the DB, please advsie with a possible template layout and a method to create/update elements.