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    How to get a PI System GUID




      at the PI AF SDK guidlines it is recommented to use a PI System GUID for identification before connect a server.

      How can i get those GUID?




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          Hello Wolfgang,


          You can obtain the PI Server ID using a piconfig command as follows:


          * (Ls - ) PIconfig> @table pisys,piserver
          * (Ed - PISYS,PISERVER) PIconfig> @mode list
          * (Ls - PISYS,PISERVER) PIconfig> @ostru name, serverid
          * (Ls - PISYS,PISERVER) PIconfig> @ends


          For example, for my case:



          Just for your background, PI Server ID GUID is stored in piserver.dat; but the number is associated with the hostname of the machine. When PI server starts up, it looks into the piserver table and searches for an entry which matches its hostname. If it finds it, it uses the ID from the table; if not, it will generate a new GUID and adds a new entry to the PI Servers table as described in the following Article: KB00502 - How is the PI Server identified in different versions of PI? Server ID Mismatch Dialog  Therefore, if you perform a PI Server migration and you want to maintain the same GUID it is important to change it manually as described in the following  KBArticle # KB00142 (http://techsupport.osisoft.com/Troubleshooting/KB/KB00142


          I hope this helps!



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              Thank you very much Paula.


              Switching from PISDK to AFSDK seems to have some surprises for me. ;-)







              I thought the GUID is a developer specific one to identify the vendor.

              So i had understood the following statement from the Guidlines...



              In general for any application that will be deployed at customer location(s) a PI System GUID must be configured to identify your software.

              The GUID is not a license for use, the end-user must have the appropriate PI System Access license.


              For information on obtaining the GUID, ask a question on PI Square or speak with your Account Manager or Partner Principal contact

              Once the GUID has been received you can set the GUID in your application as follows in the .NET C# example:

              PISystems piSystems = new PISystems();


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                  Hi Wolfgang,


                  Yes, I think there has been some confusion here. The GUID which you are referring to is different from the GUID that Paula is referring to (server's GUID). To get the GUID for your application, you should contact guidcentral@osisoft.com to register your application. Also see section 1.3(c) in the Virtual Campus Agreement here. I have also moved this thread to PI Dev Club, as they'll likely know more on the topic than I do.

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                Hi Wolfgang,


                we understand there has been some questions about setting an application ID. As Gavin mentioned, this application ID is separate from the PI Server (Data Archive) ID. Regarding when an application ID should be registered for a custom application, we are working on clarifying that message and will provide a more "official" answer soon. For now, we advise to continue as usual and we'll make sure any transitions will go smoothly. Thanks for your patience!

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