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PI Web API 2015

Question asked by alokbedi on May 23, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by Eugene Lee

We have a requirement to do bulk data retrieval for multiple tags which was not supported in the 2014 version of PI Web API we are currently using but was planned for the 2015 version.

I recently downloaded the documentation of PI WebAPI 2015 and looking at the programmer reference guide there is a new service StreamSet that seems to be exactly for this purpose. Just need some technical expertise to guide us in implementing the service correctly for our requirements.


  • Need to confirm that StreamSet is the only service available in PI Web API 2015 for doing bulk data retrieval of multiple time series tags.
  • Need to confirm that before invoking StreamSet service we’ll need to get the webID of the element (meter) just like we are doing today with Stream service. The service also has start time and end time input parameters similar to Stream service.
  • Need help understanding how to pass multiple tag names in input to StreamSet service that we need values returned in response. I see one sample response in documentation but there is no sample request.
  • Is there a way to use the service to return results by apply conditions on tag values in request e.g. can we get only the time series data for tag Wh_d_Int where tag value Wh_d_Int_Status =2 ?  If this is not supported, I assume the service will return time series data for both tags and the calling application will need to apply the conditional logic on the results.



Alok Bedi