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how to avoid "bad data" in pi pointlist while updating PI values using "updatevalues" in

Question asked by @gvsrinath on Jun 1, 2015
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I am trying to update Step interpolated values from one PI tag say "RAW tag" to another PI tag say "Shadow tag". RAW tag receives data directly from Source via PI OPCHDA interface whenever there is change in value and Shadow tag is updated with the interpolated values of RAW tag. In this process, whenever there is a bad data in RAW tag even that is getting updated into Shadow tag. So, can someone please help me if there is any way to avoid "Bad Data" to update into Shadow tag.


I am using Pi pointlist to store interpolated values and updating the whole list using UpdateValues.


bewlo is the code snippet,


piTag_ValList = pitag_Raw.Data.InterpolatedValues(pitagtime, pitagtime_Raw, 60, Nothing)

piTag_Shadow.Data.UpdateValues(piTag_ValList1, DataMergeConstants.dmReplaceDuplicates, Nothing)



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