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SQCSymbol and XYPlot object use in Visual Basic ProcessBook Add-In Projects

Question asked by James.DeMarco on Jun 1, 2015

Anyone know how to use the SQCSymbol and XYPlot objects in Visual Basic programs?  I've added references to C:\Program Files (x86)\PIPC\Procbook\OSISoft.XYPlot.dll and (...)SQCSymbol.dll and can see the object model, but attempts to Dim anObj As SQCSymbol or SQCSymbol.SQCSymbol, etc., do not work.  I get an error about a reference to OSIsoft.PBObjLib containing PBObjLib.IDualSymbol, even though I already have references to OSISoft.PBObjLib (x86 version) in the project.  There is also some weirdness about having to specifically name the enumerators before using an enumerated value... Thanks, Community!