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Jump from one Element Relative Display to another via PI Coresight - seemingly impossible.

Question asked by Rhys Kirk Champion on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 23, 2018 by AKASH MISAL

I think I have pushed the PI ProcessBooks hosted in PI Coresight as far as I can. I've been very PI Coresight friendly in building some displays using a lot of built in functionality to make the displays interactive whilst in PI Coresight (some multistate tricks, invisible buttons ...). However I think I've now come to the end of the road for something that I wanted to be able to do. Essentially I have an "Overview" type display that has about 100 interactive & multistated symbols on. Overlaid on each little collection of symbols is an invisible button that opens up an Element Relative Display hosted in PI Coresight and it has already set the Asset of Interest. So you can quickly drill down from an Overview to the detailed display in Coresight. This works wonderfully. Now from the ERD display in Coresight I want to jump to another ERD display in PI Coresight but maintain the Asset of Interest used in the previous display.


Doing this purely in ProcessBook is possible via some VBA but obviously does not work in Coresight.

So I've considered and played with various different methods to achieve this but I've conceded it is likely not possible at present. Yes there are workarounds but with any system user experience is key so ideally I don't want to link to the other ERD and then have the user select the Asset of Interest, especially when they already did that on the previous ERD.

I've considered creating an "ERD bounce" web page where I can somehow retrieve the AOI from the querystring of the previous display viewed but the browser history is pretty locked down as expected. I'm hoping the last display viewed is in an accessible cookie or similar..?

Any other ideas welcome but note I need to go from one ERD to another more detailed ERD in Coresight.