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How do you set a tag name using XYPLot.dll?

Question asked by daviessj on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by daviessj

I am writing a C# Windows Forms Application for a Customer to update the tag names in their (many) Processbook and Excel files, essentially a more robust version of the PI Processbook Support Tool.  Updating Tag names in Excel is fairly simple using Interop and "Find and Replace" but I am encountering some issues when attempting to update XYPlots in a PDI file.


Having successfully implemented the ability to change other Data Symbols (Trends, Values, Bars and Multistates) and their related tags using PBSymLib.dll I cannot seem to find a function to do this for XYPlots.  It has the ability to read from it's array of associated tags (XYPlot.GetTagName(i)), but not the ability to set them.


Is there something I am missing?  Is this functionality offered anywhere else?