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Get list of attributes deviating from their templates

Question asked by Asle Frantzen Champion on Jun 2, 2015
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I have given this no CPU cycles at all - just wanted to see if anyone else had touched into this before I continue researching it:


How can I find out which attributes in which elements are deviating from their respective templates?



Let's say you have an AF database with tens of thousands of elements, with even more attributes. We're often challenged with different naming conventions from SCADA or DCS systems so I usually feel OK with covering 80% of the assets with the templates I set up, and then do some manual operations with PI Builder/Excel to cover the remaining PI tag lookups. Doing this causes these attributes to deviate from the template. If you want to change the template sometime later you have no idea if all your attributes will get updated, since some of them might not be "listening" to the attribute templates.


Can I, through an OLEDB query or an AFSDK call, get a list of those attriubutes having overridden their templates?