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Upgrade Failed:Point Database inconsistency Detected

Question asked by isolutions on Jun 6, 2015
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I'm trying to migrate and upgrade PI server 3.4.370.76 x32 bit to a new machine with Windows server 2012 Operation system and to PI server 2012.


I have followed the below steps:

1) Installed 3.4.375.99 x64 bit on new windows server 2012

2) Taken backup from old 32 bit PI server and restored it to newly installed PI server.

3) Copied first 3 archives for testing and mounted them to the PI server.

4) I was able to see the historic data and point configuration.

5) Then Stopped the PI server and ran MDB to AF Wizard.

6) MDB to AF sync was successfully completed. Then, I started upgrading to PI server 2012.

7) During the PI Server upgrade, I'm receiving the below error message.

Could anyone help me if you have any resolution to get rid of this error? Your help is much more appreciated.