Builders' Café Webinar Series - Asset Based Analytics

Video created by Ahmad Fattahi Employee on Jun 4, 2014

    This webinar recording provides an early view of the next generation calculation engine, codename project Abacus. It contains a demonstration of the current state (May 2013) of the software similar to what was shown during the OSIsoft 2013 Users Conference. The following functionality is planned for the initial release:

    • Configure a calculation in PI System Explorer
      • Performance equation syntax
    • AF attributes as inputs and outputs
      • PI Points, event frames, simple attributes as output
    • Support for Calculation dependencies
    • Aggregation and Rollup
    • Preview and test using historical PI data
    • On-demand or scheduled calculations
      • Trigger based on input updates or clock scheduled
    • Manual backfill

    The webinar also discussed the plan for a private Community Technology Preview (CTP) program and how you can participate. If you interested in participating the CTP please fill in and submit Asset Based Analytics Community Technology Preview (CTP) questionnaire.Speakers were: